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Omnibus 2018

Omnibus 2018

Due to the growing interest in Central Asia from local and foreign organizations and institutions, and international companies, the Central Asia Barometer announces a 2018 multicountry omnibus survey. The omnibus will cover five countries: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. This is the first project of its kind, provides a unique opportunity to get data collected to your request on a regional scale.

Omnibus research is a study conducted simultaneously for several clients and on several topics. This type of research provides a good opportunity to obtain information on a topic of interest without significant costs to order a separate study. Survey includes independent blocks of questions that are designed for different clients, and each client has exclusive ownership of the questions of his block.

Data collection stage is tentatively scheduled for September of 2018. The survey will be conducted with population of the countries, urban and rural residents, aged 18 +. The sample size is 1,200 interviews in each country. National samples will be representative, will include all regions of the participating countries. The information will be collected through personal interviews (F2F) using tablets (CAPI). The approximate total volume of the questionnaire will be 35 questions + demographics.

The Central Asian Barometer is now accepting applications for the forthcoming omnibus study from interested organizations and companies. For more information on the project and pricing, please contact us at info@centralasiabarometer.org.

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