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Central Asia Barometer and World Association for Public Opinion Research

Central Asia Barometer and World Association for Public Opinion Research



WAPOR is holding its 72nd Annual Conference 19-21 May 2019 in Toronto, Canada. Conference Theme: Public Opinion and Democracy

International survey research shows that liberal democratic values of respect for the will of the people, human rights, impartial justice and the rule of law have become widely adopted by citizens across the world.

WAPOR offer five conference formats: panels, round-table sessions, research papers (in oral or poster format) and case studies.

Topics include:

  • Public opinion and democracy
  • New sources of information on public opinion and the use of social media to voice public opinion
  • News, media, journalism and public opinion
  • Political behavior, participation and culture
  • Electoral polls in emerging/incomplete democracies
  • Methodological challenges and improvements, including in the areas of sampling, measurement, survey design and survey response or non-response
  • Challenges of comparative research and International Survey Projects, cross-cultural concerns in data collection and measurement issues
  • Social media, big data, sentiment analysis, and emerging technologies
  • Best practice in stakeholder research and expert surveys

Central Asia Barometer is one of the presenter on 72nd Annual Conference of WAPOR in Toronto.

We are presenting “Economic and Financial Situation in Households in Central Asia”, it is part of results of 4th Wave of our huge survey in all five countries of Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.



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