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Main sources of news in Central Asia

Main sources of news in Central Asia

Central Asia Barometer conducts multi-country survey of adults (18+) in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan since 2017.

1 500 citizens of each country are engaged to the research, what makes 7 500 respondents among the region.

The 5th wave  was completed in May, 2019; where the following aspects were determined:

  • Wellbeing of respondents and households
  • Problems in the country and community
  • Attitude towards foreign countries and their leaders
  • Attitudes towards terrorism and extremism
  • Religious affiliation and norms
  • Sources of news, usage of the Internet, media and social networks
  • Possession and usage of a computer, mobile phone, and other information and communication devices.
  • National and ethnic identity of citizens

According to the results of 1st Wave (May, 2017) of the Public Opinion Poll in Central Asia, main source of news is national television stations.

The second source of news is internet.

Third source of news is family, friends and neighbors.



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