The results of our research improve access to information for all parties and help public institutions, development agencies, private investors and civil society to make accurate and informed decisions.


About us


The Central Asia Barometer is an independent non-profit sociological project, which mission is to measure the social, economic and political “atmosphere” in the countries of Central Asia and disseminate the results among various interested groups: civil society, governments and government institutions, international donor organizations, private investors , non-profits, educational institutions.


We conduct sociological surveys and opinion polls in five countries of Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan – a region with a total population of more than 65 million people. Having being Soviet republics before 1991 today these countries are independent states with growing populations, looking for their own way of development in the modern world and facing many challenges and difficulties.

Research topics

Topics of our surveys include:

Right/wrong direction, top national problems, country and HH economic performance. Attitudes toward foreign countries and leaders. Perceptions of terrorism and violent extremism. Ratings of national political leaders, parties and vote intentions. Religious affiliations and Sources of news and information, use of the Internet, connectivity to social media.Ownership of media devices (computer, mobile and landline telephones, tablets). National and ethnic self-identification. Standard demographics (gender, age, education, occupation, ethnicity, language spoken at home, social wellbeing).